Show 029 – Sam Irl

I am Sam. Sam I am… BUT, this is Sam Irl. I’m not sure if this Sam eats ‘green eggs and ham,’ but I do know he has a great new EP called “Slower Bavarian” which is our featured album of the week. Take 1 part House, 1 part Electronica, 1 part Latin and 1 part Afro Beat and you have a 4 song EP that was made for Based on the Beat. Also this week, we feature music from the new Aphex Twin album, LA’s Mndsgn, a brilliant new track from Paul White’s new album called “Shaker Notes” and a floor stomper from Clap! Clap! Also, Jesse digs deep into his record collection to pull out a coveted record he bought in New York City in the early ’90s. Listen to the story behind the record where he ponders the question, “Do I buy the record or do I eat tonight?” We’re glad he bought the record. Listen to find out why. All that and more in this week’s show.

Show 029 – Sam Irl by Based On The Beat on Mixcloud

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This week’s selection from Jesse’s basement

Fred Wesley and the JB's - Damn Right I'm Somebody
Fred Wesley and the JB’s – Damn Right I’m Somebody

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