Show 24 – Chicago House Music ’95

The year was 1995. Chicago house music was going through a Renaissance. Jesse Robinson was at Gramaphone Records, (ground zero for Chicago house) buying records. During the show, he shares some of his favorite house tracks from back in the day. It’s all vinyl, and it’s all underground. Enjoy. (Sorry guys for the lack of downloads. I didn’t realize how rare these songs where when I recorded. Seriously, I could only find 3 on iTunes. I’ll keep looking, but in the meantime enjoy the show.)

Show 024 – Chicago House ’95 by Based On The Beat on Mixcloud

Track List:
  1. The Memory Foundation – A1 – Untitled
  2. Sterac – X-Tracks
  3. The 4th Wave – Touched
  4. The Purpose Maker – Black is the Number
  5. The Fibre Foundation – Free Your Mind (N.J. Mix)
  6. Marie Divine – Can’t Live Without Your Love (The Divine Dub)
  7. Chuggles – I Remember Dance (Untitled Mix 3)
  8. Mike Huckaby Presents  Harmonie Park – All By Myself
  9. Johnny Fiasco – D-Motion
  10. 7th Movement – Odyssey (Dub Star Discomix)
  11. Baby Pop – U Know What I’m Saying
  12. Model 500 – M 69 Starlight

Show Notes:

Gramaphone Records in Chicago where I bought all my records.

An amazing mix of underground house by DJ Jes who worked at Gramaphone and he sold me most of the records I feature in this show. In fact, he’s the one I mention during the show who would keep a stash of records off to the side for me.

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