Show 023 – Machinedrum

You want ‘electronic’ music? You got it. Machinedrum is our feature musician this week. We delve into his most recent album ‘Vapor City’, as well as, explore the jungle inspiration of his music with a rare withdrawal from Jesse Robinson’s vinyl vault. Throw in some Mizell Brothers, a little Brazilian music, a new track from Caribou and a KILLER track from Dorian Concept and you got this week’s music gumbo. Based on the Beat style. Bon Appétit!

Show 023 – Machinedrum by Based On The Beat on Mixcloud

Track List:
See below for iTune links (note they are affiliate links). Free downloads and tracks that aren’t on iTune’s radar are given below. Woo Hoo!
  1. J-Louis – Can’t You See (FREE Download)
  2. The Weeknd – What You Need
  3. Machinedrum – Center Your Love
  4. Johnny Hammond – Tell Me What To Do (Whiskey Barons Rework) (FREE Download)
  5. Missy Elliott – Lose Control (Machinedrum Remix) (FREE Download)
  6. PFM – Dreams
  7. Machinedrum – Gunshotta
  8. Sonzeira – Xibaba (She-ba-ba)
  9. Machinedrum – SeeSea
  10. Dorian Concept – Trilingual Dance Sexeperience (Oris Debris Relick)
  11. Caribou – Our Love

Show Notes:

Here a link to an album you NEED in your life! Every household should have one (Note: Affiliate link).

Watch Machinedrum in action.

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