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Get Out the Vote!

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Listeners of the show, I need your help. If you have enjoyed the weekly radio shows that I have been putting out the past 18 weeks, then let’s win the World’s Best Online Radio Show 2014.

VOTE for Based on the Beat.

Mixcloud (the streaming service I use to bring the show to you) is holding a competition for World’s Best Online Radio Show 2014. I would love to crush the competition. Tell the world that you stand for quality radio, and VOTE for Based on the Beat. You can help Based on the Beat by 1) voting and 2) telling your friends to vote. Together we can bring Good Music into everyone’s lives and make the world a better place.

Here’s how. First, following this link to vote. Then fill in the appropriate fields. See below for screen shots of what to expect. NOTE: Add your name and your email address so your vote counts!

Click START to vote.
Step 1: Add YOUR name.
Step 2: Add YOUR email.
Step 3: Check the ELECTRONICA category (can only pick one)


That’s it! Simple. Thanks you, it means the world to me.

Now go tell a friend. Just copy this page’s URL and email, post or tweet away. Here’s the address for your convenience:

Or Click below to tweet:
Tweet: VOTE @basedonthebeat as the World’s Best Online Radio Show! Support quality music!

Thank you so much for your support. This show would not be possible without YOU!