“There are two kinds of music, the good, and the bad. I play the good kind.” Louis Armstrong

Good music is sacred.
Listening to it will take you somewhere you’ve never been before.
It’s escapism without the hangover.
It can turn a bad day to good.
It is important.
Bring as much of into your life as you can and you will not be sorry.

I can help.

I don’t play music that I think you want to hear.
I play good music.
I play music that will inspire, challenge and change your life.
This music is not for everyone.
There is no formula here.
This music moves me.
This music has soul.
This music is based on the beat.

Today’s music doesn’t fit into nice little boxes labeled rock, jazz and classical any more. However, I will play electronic, jazz, hip-hop, world, dance and everything thing in between. The shows will roughly follow this format, however the music will tell us where to go. The show is for you. I give it to you every week. Take what you want and tell a friend.

Let’s go.