Show 028 – SBTRKT

SBTRKT is our featured artist this week. We play songs off his sophomore album “Wonder Where We Land”, as well as, music from: Thom Yorke, Applescal, Rome Fortune and Stee Downes to name a few. This week is also the beginning of a feature where Jesse Robinson digs into his record collection to play an audio gem and tell the story behind it. Every record has a story and this week it’s about Jesse’s pursuit of a track he heard in the clubs in New York City in the early ’90’s before the internet, iPhones and shazam. Come join us for a hour of “underground music for the rest of us.”

Show 028 – SBTRKT by Based On The Beat on Mixcloud


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 Track Listing:
  1. Azymuth – Carnaval Legrande (Opolopo Dub Remix)
  2. SBTRKT – Wonder Where We Land (feat Sampha)
  3. Dimlite – XY
  4. Thom Yorke – Nose Grows Some
  5. SBTRKT – The Light (feat Denai Moore)
  6. Lost Midas – Off The Course (Captain Supernova Chariot Mix)
  7. Applescal – Dark Hearts
  8. Rome Fortune – Lights Low (prod. Four Tet) FREE Download
  9. SBTRKT – Hold On
  10. SBTRKT – Temporary View (feat Sampha)
  11. Jaydee – Plastic Dreams
  12. Stee Downes – Caught Up (Kyodai Remix)
Show Notes:

New video featuring SBTRKT “New Dope. New York”


SBTRKT live (he’s the one wearing the mask)


Wonderful, thoughtful and beautiful mix from a 20-something producer named Applescal.


This Week’s vinyl selection from Jesse’s basement Jaydee "Plastic Dreams"
Jaydee “Plastic Dreams”

Show 027 – Mizell Brothers

This week we feature the 70’s production genius team known as the Mizell Brothers. New music from Flying Lotus, SBTRKT and DJ Vadium. However, we focus the bands who were blessed to have the Mizell Brothers back them in production.


Show 027 – Mizell Brothers by Based On The Beat on Mixcloud


Track List:
  1. Sweet Daddy Floyd – I Just Can’t Help Myself (Karim Outpost Dub)
  2. Donald Byrd – You and the Music
  3. Donald Byrd – Lansana’s Priestess
  4. Flying Lotus – Coronus, the Terminator
  5. Raury – Woodcrest Manor
  6. SBTRKT – Higher (feat. Raury)
  7. Donald Byrd – Place and Spaces
  8. Bobbi Humphrey – Uno Esta
  9. Gary Bartz – Music Is My Sanctuary
  10. 4 Hero – Play With The Changes
  11. DJ Vadim – Sweet Like a Lolly (feat. Governor Tiggy)
  12. A Taste Of Honey – Boogie Oogie Oogie

Show Notes:
Larry and Alphonso "Fonce"  Mizell
Larry and Alphonso “Fonce” Mizell


Show 026 – GUTS

6 months of Based on the Beat! We celebrate with GUTS! No, not the gory stuff, but the french hip-hop group. Yeah, that’s it. Come spend an hour with us as we expose you to new releases this week including BANKS, Shit Robot and a track from the long awaited Aphex Twins album! 13 years baby. Plus, we throw in some oldies to round out the show. That’s how we do it. Based on the Beat style… come on in.

Show 026 – GUTS by Based On The Beat on Mixcloud

Track List:
  1. Maze – Happy Feelin’s (AGFA Redux)
  2. Sly Slick & Wicked – Sho’ Nuff
  3. Banks – Goddess
  4. Lil Silva – Right for You (feat. Banks)
  5. Frank Ocean – Crack Rock
  6. Guts – Come Alive (feat. Lorine Chia)
  7. Maniac – Lil’Gnack
  8. Guts – Open Wide (feat. Lorine Chia)
  9. Guts – As the World Turns (feat. Rah Digga & Akua Naru)
  10. Jamie xx – All Under One Roof Raving
  11. Glenn Astro – We Killed Our Probation Officer
  12. Andreas Saag – Suddenly I Uoke Up
  13. Shit Robot – The Secret
  14. Aphex Twin – minipops 67 [120.2][source field mix]

Show 025 – Soulection

This week it’s all about the beats! We feature the latest album from the collective known as Soulection: part record label, part radio show and niche collective of creative music makers worldwide. Based in LA, Soulection latest LP features artist from the LA scene. Jesse Robinson also drops a new track from Flying Lotus and music from Lil Silva amoung others. Loosen up your neck as you will certainly bob your head during the next hour.

Show 025 – Soulection by Based On The Beat on Mixcloud

Track Listing:

See below for iTune links (note they are affiliate links). Free downloads and tracks that aren’t on iTune’s radar are given below. Woo Hoo!

  1. JAONA – What Are We Supposed To Do
  2. JD. Reid – On Air (FREE DL/Name your Price)
  3. Evil Needle – Gleam
  4. Esta – Luna (FREE DL/Name your Price)
  5. Lil Silva – Don’t You Love (feat. Banks)
  6. J-Louis – Perseverance (FREE DL/Name your Price)
  7. Sivey – Pillow Talk (FREE DL/Name your Price)
  8. Flying Lotus – Never Catch Me (feat. Kendrick Lamar)
  9. Sly Johnson – I Can’t Help It (Dilouya’s Blasfamous Mixxx)
  10. IAMNOBODI – When You Know (FREE DL/Name your Price)
  11. Zikomo – Champion Riddim (FREE DL/Name your Price)
  12. starRo – California
  13. PYRMDPLAZA – Mantralu (FREE DL/Name your Price)
  14. Milton Nascimento – Tudo Que Você Podia Ser
  15. Evil Needle – Antidote (FREE DL/Name your Price)
  16. Mikos Da Gawd – Love (FREE DL/Name your Price)

Show Notes:

Soulection Website:


Show 24 – Chicago House Music ’95

The year was 1995. Chicago house music was going through a Renaissance. Jesse Robinson was at Gramaphone Records, (ground zero for Chicago house) buying records. During the show, he shares some of his favorite house tracks from back in the day. It’s all vinyl, and it’s all underground. Enjoy. (Sorry guys for the lack of downloads. I didn’t realize how rare these songs where when I recorded. Seriously, I could only find 3 on iTunes. I’ll keep looking, but in the meantime enjoy the show.)

Show 024 – Chicago House ’95 by Based On The Beat on Mixcloud

Track List:
  1. The Memory Foundation – A1 – Untitled
  2. Sterac – X-Tracks
  3. The 4th Wave – Touched
  4. The Purpose Maker – Black is the Number
  5. The Fibre Foundation – Free Your Mind (N.J. Mix)
  6. Marie Divine – Can’t Live Without Your Love (The Divine Dub)
  7. Chuggles – I Remember Dance (Untitled Mix 3)
  8. Mike Huckaby Presents  Harmonie Park – All By Myself
  9. Johnny Fiasco – D-Motion
  10. 7th Movement – Odyssey (Dub Star Discomix)
  11. Baby Pop – U Know What I’m Saying
  12. Model 500 – M 69 Starlight

Show Notes:

Gramaphone Records in Chicago where I bought all my records.

An amazing mix of underground house by DJ Jes who worked at Gramaphone and he sold me most of the records I feature in this show. In fact, he’s the one I mention during the show who would keep a stash of records off to the side for me.