Show 026 – GUTS

6 months of Based on the Beat! We celebrate with GUTS! No, not the gory stuff, but the french hip-hop group. Yeah, that’s it. Come spend an hour with us as we expose you to new releases this week including BANKS, Shit Robot and a track from the long awaited Aphex Twins album! 13 years baby. Plus, we throw in some oldies to round out the show. That’s how we do it. Based on the Beat style… come on in.

Show 026 – GUTS by Based On The Beat on Mixcloud

Track List:
  1. Maze – Happy Feelin’s (AGFA Redux)
  2. Sly Slick & Wicked – Sho’ Nuff
  3. Banks – Goddess
  4. Lil Silva – Right for You (feat. Banks)
  5. Frank Ocean – Crack Rock
  6. Guts – Come Alive (feat. Lorine Chia)
  7. Maniac – Lil’Gnack
  8. Guts – Open Wide (feat. Lorine Chia)
  9. Guts – As the World Turns (feat. Rah Digga & Akua Naru)
  10. Jamie xx – All Under One Roof Raving
  11. Glenn Astro – We Killed Our Probation Officer
  12. Andreas Saag – Suddenly I Uoke Up
  13. Shit Robot – The Secret
  14. Aphex Twin – minipops 67 [120.2][source field mix]

Show 025 – Soulection

This week it’s all about the beats! We feature the latest album from the collective known as Soulection: part record label, part radio show and niche collective of creative music makers worldwide. Based in LA, Soulection latest LP features artist from the LA scene. Jesse Robinson also drops a new track from Flying Lotus and music from Lil Silva amoung others. Loosen up your neck as you will certainly bob your head during the next hour.

Show 025 – Soulection by Based On The Beat on Mixcloud

Track Listing:

See below for iTune links (note they are affiliate links). Free downloads and tracks that aren’t on iTune’s radar are given below. Woo Hoo!

  1. JAONA – What Are We Supposed To Do
  2. JD. Reid – On Air (FREE DL/Name your Price)
  3. Evil Needle – Gleam
  4. Esta – Luna (FREE DL/Name your Price)
  5. Lil Silva – Don’t You Love (feat. Banks)
  6. J-Louis – Perseverance (FREE DL/Name your Price)
  7. Sivey – Pillow Talk (FREE DL/Name your Price)
  8. Flying Lotus – Never Catch Me (feat. Kendrick Lamar)
  9. Sly Johnson – I Can’t Help It (Dilouya’s Blasfamous Mixxx)
  10. IAMNOBODI – When You Know (FREE DL/Name your Price)
  11. Zikomo – Champion Riddim (FREE DL/Name your Price)
  12. starRo – California
  13. PYRMDPLAZA – Mantralu (FREE DL/Name your Price)
  14. Milton Nascimento – Tudo Que Você Podia Ser
  15. Evil Needle – Antidote (FREE DL/Name your Price)
  16. Mikos Da Gawd – Love (FREE DL/Name your Price)

Show Notes:

Soulection Website:


Show 24 – Chicago House Music ’95

The year was 1995. Chicago house music was going through a Renaissance. Jesse Robinson was at Gramaphone Records, (ground zero for Chicago house) buying records. During the show, he shares some of his favorite house tracks from back in the day. It’s all vinyl, and it’s all underground. Enjoy. (Sorry guys for the lack of downloads. I didn’t realize how rare these songs where when I recorded. Seriously, I could only find 3 on iTunes. I’ll keep looking, but in the meantime enjoy the show.)

Show 024 – Chicago House ’95 by Based On The Beat on Mixcloud

Track List:
  1. The Memory Foundation - A1 – Untitled
  2. Sterac - X-Tracks
  3. The 4th Wave - Touched
  4. The Purpose Maker - Black is the Number
  5. The Fibre Foundation - Free Your Mind (N.J. Mix)
  6. Marie Divine - Can’t Live Without Your Love (The Divine Dub)
  7. Chuggles - I Remember Dance (Untitled Mix 3)
  8. Mike Huckaby Presents  Harmonie Park - All By Myself
  9. Johnny Fiasco - D-Motion
  10. 7th Movement - Odyssey (Dub Star Discomix)
  11. Baby Pop - U Know What I’m Saying
  12. Model 500 - M 69 Starlight

Show Notes:

Gramaphone Records in Chicago where I bought all my records.

An amazing mix of underground house by DJ Jes who worked at Gramaphone and he sold me most of the records I feature in this show. In fact, he’s the one I mention during the show who would keep a stash of records off to the side for me.

Show 023 – Machinedrum

You want ‘electronic’ music? You got it. Machinedrum is our feature musician this week. We delve into his most recent album ‘Vapor City’, as well as, explore the jungle inspiration of his music with a rare withdrawal from Jesse Robinson’s vinyl vault. Throw in some Mizell Brothers, a little Brazilian music, a new track from Caribou and a KILLER track from Dorian Concept and you got this week’s music gumbo. Based on the Beat style. Bon Appétit!

Show 023 – Machinedrum by Based On The Beat on Mixcloud

Track List:
See below for iTune links (note they are affiliate links). Free downloads and tracks that aren’t on iTune’s radar are given below. Woo Hoo!
  1. J-Louis – Can’t You See (FREE Download)
  2. The Weeknd – What You Need
  3. Machinedrum – Center Your Love
  4. Johnny Hammond – Tell Me What To Do (Whiskey Barons Rework) (FREE Download)
  5. Missy Elliott – Lose Control (Machinedrum Remix) (FREE Download)
  6. PFM – Dreams
  7. Machinedrum – Gunshotta
  8. Sonzeira – Xibaba (She-ba-ba)
  9. Machinedrum – SeeSea
  10. Dorian Concept – Trilingual Dance Sexeperience (Oris Debris Relick)
  11. Caribou – Our Love

Show Notes:

Here a link to an album you NEED in your life! Every household should have one (Note: Affiliate link).

Watch Machinedrum in action.

Show 022 – FaltyDL

FaltyDL dropped a new album and we couldn’t be happier to feature his music this week. As well as, new tracks from Amp Live, Floating Points and Caribou. We squeeze in some reggae (and an awesome remake of a classic) and some Afro Beat. Lock in for an hour of interesting, brain stem massaging music by Jesse Robinson.

Show 022 – FaltyDL by Based On The Beat on Mixcloud

Track Listing:
  1. Hello Skinny – Crush
  2. Falty DL – Greater Antilles Part 1
  3. Luke Vibert – Music Called Jazz (Sorry guys, no download)
  4. Jaco Pastorius – Portrait of Tracy
  5. THUNDERCAT – For Love I Come
  6. Amp Live – Hustle 360 (feat. Povi Tamu)
  7. Falty DL – Dånger
  8. Congo Natty – Get Ready
  9. Dawn Penn – You Don’t Love Me (No, No, No)
  10. Boogaloo Assassins – No No No
  11. Tony Allen – Asiko
  12. Falty DL – Heart & Soul
  13. Floating Points – Sparkling Controversy
  14. Caribou – Can’t Do Without You (Extended Mix)

Show 021 – Taylor McFerrin

This week Jesse Robinson focuses on the music of Taylor McFerrin and plays tracks off the new album “Early Riser”. Also in the mix is new music from Shabazz Palaces, Lil Silva, Falty DL and Caribou to name a few. We focus on the spaces in between Electronica, Jazz, Hip-Hop, World and Dance. Come and listen along.

Show 021 – Taylor McFerrin by Based On The Beat on Mixcloud

Track Listing:
  1. Taylor McFerrin – Stepps
  2. Lil Silva – Mabel
  3. FaltyDL – Some Jazz Shit
  4. Taylor McFerrin – Already There (feat. Robert Glasper & Thundercat)
  5. Shabazz Palaces – Forerunner Foray
  6. Shabazz Palaces – Motion Sickness
  7. JWhy – Writing Time *FREE Download*
  8. Barrington Levy – Stray Away Girl
  9. Taylor McFerrin – Florasia
  10. Caribou – Can’t Do Without You
  11. Floating Points – King Bromeliad
  12. Anushka – Mansions (Ossie Remix)
  13. Clap! Clap! – Please Mother Rain Wash Our Souls From Human Evil

Show Notes:

Here’s a great photo of rapper Ishmael Butler of Shabazz Palaces as mention during the show. Just your average ‘taking the snakes out for a walk to the swapmeet’ kinda day.

Shabazz Palaces’ Ishmael Butler, aka Palaceer Lazaro (formerly Butterfly of jazz–hip hop group Digable Planets)

Listen to a new track from the forthcoming Clap! Clap! album named ‘Tayi Bebba’ Available September 8th.

This is the Barrington Levy’s double album that I mentioned during the show. It’s pretty much all you need to get all the Levy that’s fit for listening. Put it on and you’ll have hours of great Reggae. Unfortunately you can’t download, it’s only available on CD or vinyl (NOTE: Affiliate link).

Hope you enjoyed the show and have a week filled with good music!

Show 020 – Lucas Santtana

Experts agree that ‘good music’ can have a big impact on your health. In this show Jesse Robinson gives you plenty of good music from the 5 major food groups: Electronica, Jazz, Hip-Hop, World, Dance and all the weird places in between. This week we focus on the music of Brazilian artist Lucas Santtana. New music from Taylor McFerrin and Lost Midas. Some classic tracks from Ramp and Lewis Taylor, as well as killer dance tracks from Dave Aju and Ossie! This is an hour you don’t want to miss!

Show 020 by Based On The Beat on Mixcloud


Track Listing:
  1. Lost Midas – Dream Of Me
  2. B.J. Smith – Hey Ya!
  3. Taylor McFerrin – Invisible/Visible (feat. Bobby McFerrin & Cesar Camargo Mariano)
  4. Ramp – Daylight
  5. Lewis Taylor – Bittersweet (Mr Leigh’s A Dash Of Sugar Edit) FREE Download
  6. J-Louis – LA Watts FREE Download
  7. Sango – Três Horas Name Your Price
  8. AbJo – OFD (One For Dilla) FREE Download
  9. Lucas Santtana – Vamos Andar Pela Cidade
  10. Lucas Santtana – O Deus Que Devasta Mas Também Cura
  11. Lucas Santtana – Dia de Furar Onda no Mar
  12. Gold Panda – Trust
  13. Dave Aju – Nobody Knows
  14. Ossie – Peace & Love FREE Download




Show 019 – Free Music

It seems like this week, more songs than usual are FREE downloads! So I named this week’s show Free Music! I hope you enjoy the mix of Electronica, Jazz, Hip-Hop/Rap, World, Dance and everything in between.

Show 019 – Free Music by Based On The Beat on Mixcloud

Track Listing;
  1. Zero 7 – On My Own (Dub) FREE Download!
  2. The Natural Curve – The High Cost of Loving FREE Download!
  3. Otis Brown III – The Thought of You, Pt. 1 (feat. Bilal)
  4. Emanative – Find You Feat. Matthew Halsall
  5. Sons Of Kemet – Going Home
  6. Busta Rhymes – Ill Vibe (Tom Misch Remix) FREE Download!
  7. Losco – BDC FREE Download!
  8. Airhead – Believe
  9. Ray Barretto – Power (Whiskey Barons Heavy Funk Mix) 
  10. Joe Bataan – Fuego (Whiskey Barons Baile Mix) 
  11. OutKast – Prototype (starRo Bossa Edit) FREE Download!
  12. Herbert – One Two Three

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Show 018 – New Format

This week we try a new format! I’m fitting all the music genres that I love and that’s worth listening to in one hour! Woo Hoo! So, we break it down like this: 1) New Artist in the Electronic realm then, 2) we play some Jazz (or could be called Soul Jazz) that you should have in your collection then, 3) we hit the Beats and “Hip Hop and the Broccoli Beef” then on to 4) World Music which this week will focus on the city of Rio and we finish up with 5) Electronic Dance Music usually focusing on House Music. That’s it. The essential 5 food groups of music of ‘The Beat Nation’! Join the community and say “No” to commercial radio and “Yes” to Based on the Beat!

Show 018 – New Format by Based On The Beat on Mixcloud

Track Listing:
  1. Dorian Concept – Draft Culture
  2. Floating Points – Montparnasse
  3. Anushka – Down in Flames
  4. Pat Bowie with Charles McPherson – Feeling Good (CD only)
  5. Kenny Cox – Clap Clap! The Joyful Noise
  6. Dave Aju – When We Drift
  7. THEM People feat. Michael Anthony LEGIT – Ghetto Innovation FREE DOWNLOAD!
  8. J Dilla – The Doe (vinyl only)
  9. Friends From Rio – Vam’ Bora (Suonho Remix)
  10. Friends From Rio Feat. Aleh Ferreira – Aguai
  11. Friends From Rio – So Resta A Porta Se Abrir
  12. Jacques Greene – No Excuse (Fort Romeau Remix)
  13. Four Tet – Unicorn